The Zot2Bib pop-up menu

Zot2Bib is a Firefox extension that helps you combine the no-typing-required bibliographic magic of Zotero with the TeX-compatibility and Mac-like goodness of BibDesk.

With Zot2Bib, any time you get something automatically added to your Zotero library, you can also have it automatically exported to one or more BibDesk documents.

Zot2Bib is Mac-only and BibDesk-only. It’s not a generic BibTeX manager (maybe it should be… but it isn’t).

Update: September 2017

Since Firefox has dropped support for traditional extensions, Zotero 5 now operates standalone. Zot2Bib version 2.0.7 has minor changes to improve compatibility with Zotero 5 standalone.



The preferences dialog box


You might also find CiteULike useful.

Change log

Disclaimer. This extension contains only sugary goodness, but please don’t hold me responsible if anything bad should happen while you’re using it.


Since Zot2Bib has a lot of dependencies, it breaks rather more often than I’d like. If there’s been a recent update to Firefox, Zotero, BibDesk or Mac OS X (and especially AppleScript), any of these could be causing problems. Let me know! Because Zot2Bib is hosted on mozilla.org now, you should get the appropriate update automatically.

Even better, if you’re so inclined, just fork it on Github and get hacking.


Please email me on george    mackerron com. Or, if you’re feeling particularly appreciative, I wouldn’t stop you buying me a pint.

Last updated: September 2017