Updating Flash, in only 25 mouse clicks and 5 minutes of my undivided attention

Open Sys Prefs: 1 click
Open Flash pane, check now: 2 clicks
Yes: 1 click
Oh look, the same question. And a completely different program to ask it.
Download: 1 click
Oh look, again the same question. And again a completely different program to ask it. Really, how thoughtful.
Update now: 1 click
A placebo timer. Thank goodness my time has no value.
Save file: 1 click
Open disk image, wait: 2 clicks
I must say, I'm glad my parents have the wherewithal to follow this process and stay safe online.
Double-click installer: 2 clicks
OK: 1 click
Notify me, Next: 2 clicks
Oh look, what I downloaded with my downloading program was another downloading program. Clever.
Quit 2 apps, Retry: 5 clicks
Finish: 1 click
Eject disk image, reopen Firefox, decline to download installer again, close tab: 5 clicks
I can't wait to do this all again next week.
George MacKerron, 2014-06-24